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The authors of the system are:

Aleš Kandorfer


Author of the EcoSynergy System, the strategic and system developer and innovator

Through his training in various business environments, he has gained professional experience in the following areas: Retail development, consumer habits in different urban environments, changing food and non-food production processes according to the different needs of markets and consumers, and managing small and large companies and representative offices of foreign corporations. He develops new systems for social change and the new economy of the circular economy, as well as economic framework projects and implements them in different social, national and international environments.

D.Sc. Slađana Mihajlović

Chief executive officer – CEO

Co-author of EcoSynergy System and expert in business planning, implementation and solution

in cooperation with international expert groups from the fields of ecology, economics, geopolitics, production processes of food and non-food industries, supply systems, social categories of the population, banks, insurance companies, religions, media systems, social networks, etc.

Public relations


Communication Director

+ 386 41 692 817



Tehnološki park 19

1000 Ljubljana

Slovenia – Europe

+ 386 64 143 775 or + 386 41 455 000

parallax background