All products in the store marked with the label EcoSynergy System are a part of the system of organised packaging recycling, for which the manufacturer receives an annual certificate of extended producer responsibility, handed out under the EcoSynergy System to public utility companies in Europe.

For all food and non-food products in packaging marked with our label, which are collected and recycled using the EcoSynergy System, the user receives beneficial credit.

By purchasing products marked with the EcoSynergy System label, consumers additionally benefit as follows:

  • The label can be used in regional networks of service activity to receive a 10% discount for services such as: hairdressing, car repair, medical services, sports, services for homes and households, etc.;
  • By disposing of waste packaging at public utility service companies, they’re provided with an ECO-COUPON and an option that allows them to purchase household products at production prices;