By participating in the EcoSynergy System, users and industry gain the opportunity to purchase products used in homes and households at production prices.

EcoSynergy System household products at production prices:

  • LED lightbulbs,
  • water filters (for lowering water consumption, removing limescale, etc.),
  • hygiene and health paper made of recycled KEMS packaging (paper towels, toilet paper, paper tissues, etc.),
  • recycled rubbish bags,
  • energy-efficient windows,
  • regulating radiators and
  • smart phones.

  • All products for homes and households can be bought at their production price and are certified and come with a warranty.

    Every user has the option to acquire products for home and household once the user delivers sorted and clean municipal waste such as:

  • waste paper,
  • waste cardboard,
  • carton packages (tetrapak),
  • waste glass,
  • aluminium cans,
  • iron cans,
  • PET bottles (transparent),
  • PET bottles (colored),
  • PP plastic (mixed),
  • HDPE plastic (mixed);

    to collection centers of the public utility service companies in cooperation with the EcoSynergy System.
  • More about the benefits on a web-site for users.