For investors and country-specific franchise purchases

The International Development Group has for 7 years developed and tested the operating system of the new economy of the circular economy, the new form of packaging of food and non-food products, the inclusion of all segments of the population, new technologies, the change of the banking system, cryptocurrency on the circular flow of raw materials, sociological, ethical and environmental changes in the society and a new global social network.

We will acquaint you with the analytical data of the implemented pilot project and the possibility of its implementation in your environment.

All companies, organizations and individuals who wish to become acquainted with this system will receive one of the presentation content (basic, extended and individual) with documentation at the presentation in Slovenia upon registration by e-mail: and upon payment of registration fee according to selected content. It is payable according to the type of organization and their needs.

All inquiries will be handled individually.

When you decide to business cooperate with EcoSynergy System, we will include your payment of the registration fee when implementing the system in your environment.